Nancy A. Doty
Republican Candidate for Colorado Senate



About Nancy

As a public servant, Nancy Doty has never let politics get in the way of doing what’s right for the citizens of Arapahoe County. For Nancy, it’s all about getting the job done – whether it’s saving the taxpayers millions as our County Clerk or managing the county budget as our Commissioner.

Born in rural Wisconsin, Nancy watched her mother and father operate a successful dairy farm. Every family member, regardless of their age, shared in the responsibility to keep the farm running. The values and work ethic Nancy learned baling hay, driving tractors, picking apples and milking cows from a very young age were critical later in life when she started her own family and a small business with her husband.

Nancy understands first-hand what it means to meet a payroll, control spending, treat employees with respect, and make the daily sacrifices required to maintain and grow a small business. And it’s those values she’ll take with her to the State Capitol when she’s elected this fall.

A certified public accountant, Nancy’s background in finance, management and audits uniquely qualifies her to represent us in the Colorado Senate. Her professionalism was noticed by former Governor Bill Owens, who appointed her as his Chief Financial Officer. Nancy’s dedication to public service extends to the non-profit world. She also served as financial officer for the Savio House, a residential home for troubled youth.

Today, Nancy serves Arapahoe County as our County Commissioner. In her twelve-year career in public service she has always looked for opportunities to lower taxes, cut spending, keep fees low and fair, and stand up for families and small business. Now she’s asking for your vote to represent us in the Colorado Senate!

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