I’m Worried


Dear Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Citizens,

I am worried.

Like most of us, I have seen the horrible news from Paris. A city known for romance, culture, and centuries of noble history.

And, I worry, can it happen here? Can it happen to my friends, to my children, to the innocent teenagers I know? It breaks my heart, but I am afraid it can.

One of the reasons I am running for Senate, is to stop this from happening!

So, just yesterday, I was honored to support the letter which was hand delivered to Governor Hickenlooper. The letter was simple and straightforward: suspend the Governor’s extreme and dangerous plan to bring Syrian refugees, and potential terrorists, to our home here in Colorado.

But, we know Hickenlooper won’t stop bringing un-vetted refugees into our home. In fact, he asked for even more Syrian refugees. It’s all just part of his dangerous political agenda.

By his actions and words, it is clear he does not care about us in Colorado. He will do what he wants, not what is reasonable and safe, unless we force him to change.

Governor Hickenlooper is taking advice from somewhere else. Clearly he is not listening to us here in Colorado. His unreasonable refugee agenda is not what Colorado wants.

To stop another Paris, it is up to us, we have to confront and stop Hickenlooper’s plan.

To do this, we must keep the Senate.

I am told, my race for Senate District 26 is the most important race in 2016. Only if we win this seat can we ensure we can stand against Hickenlooper.

I want to stop Hickenlooper, but I can only do it with your help.

Please chip in $10, or $25, or even $400 (the maximum per person donation) to help the single most important race in Colorado.

Yours Sincerely,

Nancy Doty

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Click HERE to read the original letter from the Colorado General Assembly members.