Media Night

Dear Friends:

As you probably know, my race is being closely watched in the State of Colorado. With the Republican majority in the State Senate hanging by the thinnest of threads, it is vitally important for us to join together and support my race for Senate District 26.

My opponent has a terrible record when it comes to education and small business. If my opponent is elected to the Colorado State Senate and the Democrats take the majority, you can count on more bad laws being rammed down our throats including:

  • More infringements on our Second Amendment rights including an assault weapons ban and restrictions on purchasing and storing ammunition;
  • More laws harming our energy economy including restrictions on fracking, higher renewable energy mandates at higher costs and more impact on the economically disadvantaged and rural Colorado;
  • More social engineering laws that further divide us along racial, age and gender lines instead of uniting us as Coloradans and Americans.

By signing up to attend my Media Night on Thursday February 25, and your generous donation of $100 (or up to $400 per person or $800 per couple), you can help our chances that the State Senate remains in friendly hands. When I am elected to the State Senate, you can count on me to evaluate proposed legislation through the lens of a constitutional government; to weigh the impact of proposed legislation on all Coloradans; to vote down anything that impairs our economy and its ability to create jobs; and to remain accessible and accountable to the voters.

Please go to my website ( and register for this event, then mail your check or donate online ( Please RSVP so that the hosts can appropriately plan for the number of attendees.

We need you. Colorado needs you.

In freedom,

Nancy Doty