Nancy Doty Campaign Kickoff Speech

[After being introduced by Steve House, Colorado Republican Party Chairman; Derrick Wilburn, Colorado Republican Party Vice-Chair; and Senator Bill Armstrong.]

Good afternoon, thank you all for taking the time to be here today. I’d like to start by saying “thank you” to Father Andrew, my parish priest; Senator Bill Armstrong, Chairman Steve House and Vice Chair Derrick Wilburn.

I’m sure you’ve noticed everyone wearing red – they are my Host Committee who has worked very hard to get everything put together for today.

I’d like to introduce my husband Wayne Brady, his son Matt and daughter-in-law Shannon. My son Bob is traveling out of the country and my daughter Debbie lives in Elbert County on a small farm. My grandchildren Devon and Camryn couldn’t be here today due to other commitments.

Finally, I’d like to thank the elected officials who are here today: Nancy Sharpe, my fellow Arapahoe County Commissioner and Kathleen Conti who represents House District 38.

A Little Bit About Me

I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. I’ve milked many a cow and I know all about rural living and hard work. After high school, I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in both Biology and Chemistry. I worked in the medical field for several years then went back to school in the early 1980s studying accounting and business then earned my certification as a CPA. This opened a whole new world for me!

My professional experience includes  public accounting, Finance Officer for the Savio House (a non-profit residential in-house treatment facility in Denver for troubled youth), Finance Officer for The Fort Restaurant; small business owner in real estate investments with my late husband, and audit manager, assistant controller and CFO for the Trust division of Bank One (now Chase Bank).  When I was appointed by Governor Bill Owens as CFO for the governor’s office – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven – I was able to combine my professional career with my interest in politics.

I understand from real life experiences how difficult it is in the business world to run a business and be successful. I believe that separates me from many other politicians who have more limited business experience.

After my late husband died of cancer, I decided I needed a change and ran for County Clerk and Recorder in Arapahoe County in 2004 and was elected in a recall election. I held that position for nine years, then ran for and was elected to a seat on the Arapahoe County Commission where I currently serve. My term for that seat ends next year.

Let’s Talk About Today

Let’s talk about today and why I’m running for the state senate.

We all know how important it was to have the one seat majority in the state senate that we won in 2014. Thank goodness because the state senate was able to block all kinds of ill-advised ideologically driven legislation. For example, HB15-1356 was proposed and passed the Democrat-controlled House this past year but was killed by Republicans in the Senate State Affairs Committee. My opponent voted twice for this bill – once in the Judiciary Committee and then on April 27th on the floor of the House. In essence, this bill would have prohibited any Colorado law enforcement agency (like our sheriffs) from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agencies – like ICE, from detaining an undocumented immigrant that has committed a crime. This bill would have removed any local control for our sheriffs about whether or not to detain and hold an undocumented non-citizen…and would have made Colorado into a sanctuary state.

For this and many other reasons…thank goodness for that one seat majority in the state senate.

There are two legislative seats that will be highly watched in 2016 and will determine which party has the senate majority: one is Laura Woods in Senate District 19 who won her seat after Evie Hudak was threatened with a recall election. This seat is the other. The Democrats really want the senate majority and will go to any lengths to win. We must be prepared.

This district – SD 26 – used to be held by Republicans before Linda Newell, a Democrat and now term limited narrowly won it in 2008.

Most of us can’t do much about federal legislation – other than helping elect folks to Congress that share our values. But all of us can affect what happens here in Colorado. And as we all know, life doesn’t happen for us in Washington, DC. It happens here, in Colorado.

That’s why I consider this race a partnership…one that affects the entire state. If we lose the senate majority, then we need to hold onto our pocketbooks and prepare for more government regulation in our lives. As it states on my campaign bookmarks we are handing out today: “When elected, you can count on me to support local control, school choice and promote economic development with less government regulations.”

Please Get Involved

I can’t win this race without your help and support. Please get involved and together we can win this race. I’ll promise to work hard to win…but we need your support and that of a lot of other folks. Please spread the word – go to my website: Tell your friends about me and together we can make 2016 a victory for all of us.

Finally, I like to recall what one of the heroes of United flight 93 – Todd Beamer – said on that fateful day in September 2001: Let’s Roll!!!


Candidate Nancy A. Doty with Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong